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flysmus™ MagneTherapy Germanium Detox Earrings

flysmus™ MagneTherapy Germanium Detox Earrings

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Here are some amazing reviews from our customers who tried using the flysmus™ MagneTherapy Germanium Detox Earrings

"After just one month of wearing the MagneTherapy Detox Earrings, as an obese individual who easily tired during exercise, I feel consistently energized and have slimmed down quickly. I noticed a surge of energy that propelled me forward. The pounds began to melt away. It's like I've found the missing piece to my weight loss journey!" - Elaina Clark - 33 years old

"I've been dealing with stubborn chin fat for a while now and have tried countless remedies to no avail. However, after using this specialized accessory for lymph-related issues, I've noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my chin. The swelling has reduced, and my chin looks more slender and toned. I wear it daily, and I can feel its effectiveness in reducing puffiness and bloating in my face and neck area." Cordelia Delaney - 30 years old

"I have dealt with a lump in my neck, swollen lymph nodes, and bloating in my stomach. I have tried numerous remedies, but this lymph cure accessory has proven to be the most effective solution. I wear it daily and have experienced a remarkable reduction in swelling and inflammation. My neck has almost returned to its normal state!" - Narelle Parris - 40 years old

What Are The Blockages That Affect The Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream). Lymphatic obstruction is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Lymphatic obstruction may cause lymphedema, which means swelling.

Studies Uncover The Magnetic Approach To Lymphatic Drainage

Pyrrhotite is a magnetite that exhibits magnetic properties. Our MagneTherapy Earrings are designed with the unique utilization of pyrrhotite to harness the power of magnetic therapy. Magnetic Therapy realigns the electromagnetic charge in the body cells to promote self-healing, which is good for the lymphatic system. The magnetic field heals by alkalizing the tissue and releasing oxygen from its bound state back to its molecular state. It also remarkably diminishes swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent.

Researchers have shown that a mild magnetic field can cause the smallest blood vessels in the body to dilate or constrict, thus increasing the blood flow and suppressing inflammation, a critical factor in the healing process.

How Does Acupuncture Works With Our Product?

Acupuncture can help with weight loss by regulating hormone production, improving metabolism, optimizing digestion, reducing inflammation, suppressing appetite, reducing water retention, and optimizing other body functions related to obesity, and weight loss.

The Proven Effects of Traditional Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the body's organs and systems by influencing the flow of qi, or vital energy, throughout the body. Qi flows through meridians, which are energy channels that run throughout the body. This stimulation can activate the body's natural healing processes and help restore balance to the body's systems. With the stimulation of the specific acupuncture point, it is able to improve digestion, which could lead to improved metabolic function and weight loss.

Made with the 2 Powerful Materials

About Pyrrhotite

Is a magnetite that exhibits magnetic properties. It aid in the realignment of the electromagnetic charge within the body's cells. By promoting this realignment, the earrings stimulate the natural self-healing abilities of the body, particularly the lymphatic system. And supports the body's detoxification processes.

About Germanium

There have been claims that germanium is beneficial for health, including improving the immune system, oxygen supply in the body, and destroying free radicals. According to Healthline, germanium has also been considered to be beneficial in treating allergies, asthma, arthritis, HIV/AIDS and various forms of cancer. Made with germanium, a key ingredient in activating and balancing the positive and negative ions responsible for ageing.

What Makes This MagneTherapy Germanium Detox Earrings The Great Choice?

✅ Promotes healthier blood circulation
✅ Helps to remove fats
✅ Helps body detoxification
✅ Helps eliminate toxic metals
✅ Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
✅ Promotes balance, clarity, and manifestation
✅ Reduces stress and anxiety and weight loss
✅ Eliminates swelling in your body
✅ A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
✅ Reduces adipose tissues

Here are some of our Happy Customers

"I was amazed by the remarkable impact this pair of earrings had not only on weight loss but also on addressing sagging chin! This product exceeded my expectations by showcasing its effectiveness. Along my weight loss journey, these earrings contributed to additional weight reduction. They proved to be instrumental in accelerating my weight loss efforts, making the entire process much more manageable. I wholeheartedly love this product!" - Retha Tindall - 35 years old


"I'm grateful. For years, I struggled with a sagging chin, neck lump, swollen lymph nodes, and bloating. After trying various remedies, I discovered the best lymph cure accessory. Wearing it daily has effectively resolved my swelling, inflammation, and sagging chin concerns. I can't express enough gratitude. By the way, the persistent swelling in my neck had me constantly fearing lymphoma." - Myra Ivers - 40 years old

"I've found a remarkable solution for my double chin: the lymph cure accessory. It has effectively minimized swelling, resulting in a slimmer and more toned chin. Wearing it daily also reduces puffiness and bloating in my face and neck. If you're dealing with a double chin or facial swelling, I highly recommend giving it a try." - Brande Tupper - 42 years old


Materials : Germanium and Pyrrhotite

Package Includes

1x - Pair  flysmus™ MagneTherapy Germanium Earrings

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