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Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet

Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet

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Take a look at our customers who have experienced the amazing relief and cleansing benefits of our new product:

"I was too embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothes anymore because of my puffy and inflamed arms and my excess weight. But I'm glad I found the Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet! It really reduced the bloat and inflammation in my arms and made my body feel so much better. I feel so much more confident now with all the excess weight gone, and I can wear whatever I want! Thank you!"

Samantha Greenwood, 44, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Ever since I got down to 200lbs I struggled a lot to lose more weight. But after using the Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet, I started to see more progress in my weight loss journey. I finally broke the 200lbs mark and made it down to 141 lbs! It was an incredible feeling to finally reach my goal weight, and your pellets are to thank for it! Recommending this product to everyone!"Stacey Lauren, 32, Riverton, Wyoming

The Lymphatic System is our body's waste management system. It gets rid of toxins, tract fats, and cellular waste. Let's find out more about it here:

The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system is what helps us stay healthy, it delivers nutrients to our body. It drains waste from every cell and organ in the body, including the heart and digestive system, and is home to our immune system too. It's also responsible for giving us energy, it does this by converting excess fat into triglycerides which gives us the boost we need to function every day and helps us lose excess weight. Since we are exposed to at least 700,000 different toxins a day, it's important to maintain our Lymphatic System. Keeping our lymphatic system or “drains” clean is critical to optimal health and longevity

Toxins and Fat Removal

Proteins and fat that are too large to fit into your bloodstream go undigested and get stuck in the small intestine where the Lymphatic System picks them up and process them. If it happens too often, you can risk creating obstructions in your lymph that will clog it and overwhelm it and prevent it from functioning correctly. It will slow down your lymphatic system and make it less effective. When that happens, toxins and excess fat don't get flushed out of your body, and it reflects in more wrinkles, cellulite, dull eyes, bags under the eyes, less energy, more fatty weight, and thinner hair. 

Top Lymph Herbs To Help Detoxify

For those reasons above we have developed a unique formula that helps keep our lymph clean and clear.

  • Red root is a bitter and astringent herb to cleanse and decongest the lymphatic system. It works best for congested lymph and to offset the age-related accumulation of fibrous tissue, which can compromise optimal function.
  • Astragalus is a rejuvenating scrub for lymph, particularly beneficial for skin-associated lymphatic tissue and as a powerful boost for the immune system. 
  • Ginger root is called the universal spice in Ayurveda. It provides a natural scrub to the lacteals or collecting ducts of the intestines, and a natural boost and cleanse to the lymphatic system as a whole.

And these are exactly what's in our Mir Nova™ Herbal Detox Slimming Pellet! It's a great product that can help you clean and clear your lymphatic system! Our pellets help combat obstructions forming in your lymph so that they can function properly and help detoxify your body. While it gets rid of the toxins in your body, it also removes excess fat which helps you lose weight and slim down as a result.

Magnetic Therapy Promotes Weight Loss

Each of our pellets has magnetic therapy benefits. Magnetic therapy is the process of realigning the electromagnetic charges in our bodies. The therapy helps promote regenerative and self-healing activity in our cells, which benefits our lymphatic system a lot. It creates a magnetic field that activates the body's bio magnets which get attracted to the iron in our blood which helps improve circulation. All of these benefits help the body recover energy, relieve inflammation, reduce swelling, accelerate healing, and manage acidosis.

And That's Why We Made...

The Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet contains healing herbs as well as a tiny but powerful magnet, that can help clean and clear the lymphatic system and reduce swelling and excess fat. With consistent use over 3 months, you'll get to reduce excess fluids in your lymph nodes by up to 60%! That will help your lymphatic system function properly and reduce excess cellulite in your body!

Want to Know Why The Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet Is A Great Choice For Lymphatic System Health?

  • Reduces and eliminates toxins from the body
  • Gets rid of excess fats and helps you lose more weight
  • Keeps your immune system healthy and fully-functional
  • Clean and clear your Lymphatic System
  • Reduces excess fluids by up to 60% in your lymph
  • Made from the best natural ingredients for the lymph
  • Combats the build-up of obstructions in your lymphatic system
  • Prevents clogging in your lymph

Here is Alexandra White's Lymphatic System Cleansing Journey With Our Detox Slimming Pellets!

I never really liked exercising, and it doesn't help that I work long hours sitting in front of a computer every day. Because of that, my body suffered a lot of aches and pain, and it led me to become overweight. And that's why I wanted to lose weight naturally. I didn't want to go through any type of surgery. So while searching for a solution to my weight problem, I came across this product and decided to give it a try!

After the first week of using the pellets, I felt so much better. I felt more energetic which made me start exercising and I felt really good too! I could really feel like I was getting a full detox, and I also lost a bit of weight in that short period.

After 3 weeks of use is where I really saw an incredible change! My body pains were slowly fading away, my skin felt nicer, I felt healthier, and I lost about 20lbs of weight too!

The results of my week 5 got even better! I lost an additional 10lbs and I was getting closer to my dream body. I also don't feel bloated anymore. At this point, I can honestly say that the pellets have been helping me out in my weight loss journey!

The 7th week was the defining moment of my weight loss journey while using the detox slimming pellets. And because of the pellets, I've lost a total of 55lbs. My body feels slim, fit, and more defined, free from bloat and toxins! I'm really happy I found the Mir Nova™ Lymph Herbs Detox Slimming Pellet, it has really transformed my body and my life!


  • 1 box - 30 pieces (1 box/2 boxes/3 boxes/4 boxes/6 boxes)
  • Recommended Use: 8 Hours Daily

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